A Profile

Inzy provides a stellar example for the modern advertising agency: at peace with progress, championing originality, and upholding quality as the key ingredient of any creative product. Inzy’s mix of cutting-edge photography, video production, and pinpoint advertising culminate to forge a force that will meet your media needs, in the short- and long-term. We abide by an international standard to ensure excellence and professionalism always – whether branding corporations outright, or simply helping them take unique visual strides. Our mix of assets, of talent and resource, of ingenuity and experience, will keep your brand abreast of market-changes and ahead of the pack.

An Overview of Inzy

Inzy was built and continues to exist on the premise of vision. Five years into our market entry, we continue to cast bold glances towards the future: building ladders towards tomorrow’s advertising, tomorrow’s big dialogue.

We do so with media solutions that grab a hold of the consumer’s imagination whilst reaching the chief executive’s benchmarks – that captivate audiences whilst boosting the media-returns of businesses in the know. The Zambian business arena in 2006 was a different battleground to the economy we inhabit now, but our approach hasn’t changed.

We still write advertising that makes brands household names, from hotels like Protea to multinational firms like Toyota. We still take photographs that demand a small, modest place in history, for the canvas of Zambia’s bestselling magazines or the billboards that escort families about their daily routine. We still invest every possible fibre of creativity in our graphic design and our promotions, those vital finishing touches that bring a message home.

The only difference between 2006 and 2011 is we have obtained the strength and size to make it all bigger, better, shinier – more in tune with the instincts and intentions of the brand you want projected onto the lap of not just the ideal customer, but also the customer you never knew existed. We do it all with copy that’s a heartbeat away from business-poetry. We still relish the opportunity to take timely, amazing stills, and to capture quiet revolutions as they happen – we can even do so in High Definition now.

We’ve kept our mobility, our ability to address market needs instantly and effectively. We’ve also gained valuable experience in improving our media product frame by frame, word by word, to equip us with the market insight we need to confront a changing business climate. One newly defined by social media, information democracy and stronger, more interactive content.

Our Footprint

Inzy’s client roster illustrates our reluctance to shy away from challenges. From enterprises of national repute to insurance firms, airlines and telecoms providers recognized across the region, our open-minded approach to advertising knows no bounds.

Businesses tend to choose us; but we are not averse to the notion of representing brands and businesses we believe in. Our portfolio boasts:

  • Captivating photography for UNICEF.
  • Multimedia works for Barrick’s local Lumwana operation, film and large-scale photography projects. Our corporate social activities include extensive video production for CARE International and Room to Read.
  • Our brand management unit was at the service of such brands as Zamtel, through singer-songwriter Muitnta, and multinationals like MTN and Trade Kings through Herve Renard.
  • Corporate photography for Banc ABC.
  • Public Relations support for GlaxoSmithKline.
  • World-class television commercials for SOBI Industries and Trade Kings.
  • Clever, quick, nifty television slots for Diamond Insurance.
  • Zamtel’s bolder, greener, leaner penetration campaign, on TV, in print and on billboards.
  • Stunning imagery promoting TOTAL’s Tomcard launch.
  • A long-term ad sharing relationship with Muvi TV, Lusaka’s highest-rated indigenous • The visuals behind Celtel’s ‘Touching Lives’ Campaign. We have also partnered with the firmin its transition into Airtel via Zain.

In our young but storied existence we are able to list Zambezi Airlines, National Milling, First Quantum Minerals, Africonnect, Autoworld, and even Toyota as erstwhile but nevertheless satisfied clients. All of these firms plan and anticipate repeat business with the same enthusiasm that Inzy does.

Our award-winning Xapit campaign last year invited prospective customers to accompany Zanaco Bank on its foray through instant banking, and provided the public at large with advertising they could enjoy, images they could treasure. Our ‘Xapit & Swipe’ and ‘Think Out of the Branch’ campaigns helped to root the service’s place in the banking conversation of ordinary Zambians. Not for the first or last time, we produced sharp, engaging, deadline-beating advertising.

We helped ease Cavmont Bank’s transition into a vibrant 21st Century brand, producing newsletters, brochures, print advertisements, and flyers with a touch that enabled them to stay consistent, to continue to propose a singular service with the same name Zambians could rely on. We have tailored SMS/internet campaigns for Access Bank; TV and radio advertisements for Investrust; and stunning photography and artwork for Stanbic and Standard Chartered print campaigns.

We have spent the interim packaging similarly dynamic media for other firms with established national and international identities. These organizations trust Inzy to import the fundamentals of their branding, and deliver these to a buying public that demands choice.

Our People

In order to maintain focus, to keep our operations on track, Inzy employs an intimate, hands-on approach to the investments we make in people. Each and every last one of the writers, photographers, designers, and marketers that will participate in refining your brand are selected on the bases of pure skill, hard-earned experience, and raw passion. We pride ourselves on being a truly Zambian business, grown from the roots of what makes this country, this society great, but still able to source talent from a wide variety of cultures.

What all our people have in common is a limitless ability to dream. This is paired with an internal ethos that promotes the finest tenacity in town, a constant desire to reinvent the wheel.

The diversity of our team reflects well in the diversity of clients our portfolio is able to name.

Our Near Future

Everything at Inzy signals a commitment to the long-term. Growth will happen financially if we allow it to happen creatively. We are positive that such gearing protects our clients from ever receiving a media-return that doesn’t push boundaries.

Our growth pattern is already lateral. Expanding into content and in-house publishing will make us the only advertising agency in Zambia at the forefront of both producing the advertisement, and providing the medium through which it is delivered.

We’re already competing digitally, and ready to enhance your online presence. Once we’re generating more content to position next to more advertising, we’re doing even more brisk business – and so are you.

Lateral growth, into terrain advertising agencies once left to media-businesses, will have us on a par with international ad’ firms. We will be competing globally, internationally, and so will you.

Our Services:

• World-class advertising packages, with campaigns tailored to enable you meet consumers on digital formats, radio, television, print, and occasionally outside of the box. We have a team of writers and artists on top of your dilemma before you even realize you have one.

• Brand management and media placement that positions Zambia’s leading personalities next to its leading brands, on the most strategic channels and ntworks. Clients include national soccer team coach Herve Renard, African Rally Champion Mohammed Issa, singer-songwriter Mutinta, folk-artiste Mumba Yachi, and JK.

• Cutting edge-graphic-design that helps your brand make a lasting impression.

• High-definition photography and video-production that encompasses captivating commercials, documentaries of the highest standard, and even the occasional movie. Our studio is boosting its television presence, with a view to establishing a household name in popular entertainment.

Inzy prides itself on its ability to stay in step with changes in technology, whilst recognizing the good, oldfashioned benefits of a well-taken photograph. A snap that captures a moment in time, a scene, a life – a picture that tells an instant story.
Zambians come from across the country to pose in our world-class studio, including titans of industry, sport, and culture, as well as the very brands they represent.

Landscape Photography to submerge oneself in…

We capture
industries as they
shift and turn, and
scenic snaps that
take you anywhere
and everwhere.
Barrick Lumwana
(bottom left and
right) in
motion, towers and

Humanitarian Portraiture
Visual media & communications, including high – definition video, that delivers an intimate, heartfelt message to both decisionmakers and people who want to make a difference.

High-definition fullframe
cameras help
ensure a continually
experience that
delivers the best
portraiture and also
value for money. The
in-studio experience
is complemented
by the very latest
photo-editing suites
to ensure a clean
finish as well as a
lasting smile.

Our work brings us into direct contact with leaders and luminaries on the international stage, because our communications agency chooses not to exist in commercial spheres only. Presidents present and past have had their portraits taken with Inzy, and we’re proud of our small but shining contributions to history.

President Edgar Lungu

Former President Michael Sata

Former President Kenneth Kaunda

Former President Rupiah Bamda

First Lady Esther Lungu

Former First Lady Dr C. Kaseba

US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton

Former Head of UNICEF Zambia Lotta Sylwander

Acting Dept.Chief Justice Florence Mumba

Former Inspector General Dr Malama

Former Dept. Speaker of the National Assembly Whitner Nalumango

ZAF Commander  Eric Chimese

Brigadier General Frida Kazembe

The Late Princess Nakatindi Wina

Managing Dir. ECO Bank Charity Lumpa

Barclays Bank Africa Mizinga Melu

CEO Lusaka Stock Exchange Beatrice Nkamza

Executive Director NGOCC Engwase Mwale

Southern Province Police Commissioner Brenda Muntemba

Dir. Gen ZNBC Chibamba Kanyama

CEO Muvi TV Steve Nyirenda

TV Presenter Mutinta Mazoka M’Membe

WIBO & WIBA title holder Esther Phiri

President of FAZ Kalusha Bwaly

Nkhani Kulture, Zambia’s leading fashion, arts and lifestyle journal, is published on a quarterly basis by Inzy. The magazine flies across the nation on Proflight, and is a highlight of the Zambian newsstand whenever retailers great and small refresh their library.
Inzy also applies its touch in quality design and high-definition photography to such journals as HR Magazine, which is edited and by Prosoft Human Resources. We were also pivotal in the visual conception of Partner’s Guide at launch, and have produced brochures for clients as varied as CARE International and Southern Sun.

Nkhani Kulture is the nation’s premier
fashion, arts and lifestyle journal, blazing a
trail for reported thought, multidimensional
design, and literature that sparks good conversation.

We tailor brand-specific photography and
graphic design for journals as diverse as
Partner’s Guide, HR Business Africa, and
Zambia Analysis, and multinational brands
of alll shapes and sizes.

Our print advertisements marry our world-class photography with the very best in cutting edge graphic design, for captions that stay long in consumer memory. Our portfolio stands on the premise that we will produce content and place it as well, making us experts in creating and positioning strategic, effective, still-motion advertisements.

Clockwise, From left: BMW, via Inzy; Protea
Hotels, here to stay; All Sport, bright and
branded; Access Bank, innovating at every
possible opportunity.
Whatever the brand, whatever the medium,
we’ll find a solution and a moment, one
pixel at a time.

Black is the new ‘yum’, at Portico Restaurant; the
La Mimosa owl, conceived under the influence of
some fanstastic beverage or other…
The Post is head over heels for fresh news, great
content – and, apparently, speed: proudly presenting
The Post Courier. Zambezi Airlines trusts Inzy
for safe voyages int o the creative unknown.

Inzy captures, designs, scripts and places billboard advertisements that make the most of the ten seconds it takes to make an impression your brand can turn into a transaction.

Our brand management unit in action, for
Trade King’s Boom Campaign and endorsed
and graced by Herve Renard whos is under
our brand managaement unit.